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Concierge Services

You may ask; why hire a concierge.

These heavy workloads and long days often result in time-deprived lives. 

Ultimately these patterns take a toll on the individual and create a recurring cycle of trying to spend "non-working:" hours doing tasks that can easily be entrusted to someone else.

"Concierge" is a French term that evolved from the phrase "comte des cierges," or "keeper of the candles." 

It dates to medieval times, when both candles and keys were required at night to open the doors of a castle and cater to the needs of visiting nobles.

Nowadays, the concierge is also the keeper of schedules and daily planners. 

At Leviticus Lifestyle we pride ourselves on giving our clients and members the gift of time. 

We do this by being on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether on business or leisure travel, no one wants to spend too much time trying to coordinate, plan and organize.  We turn routine requests into memorable experiences. 

Our highly trained concierge staff delivers professional and personal assistance to exceed our clients' business and lifestyle needs – from the everyday to the extraordinary.

" We have the uncommon ability to make the inaccessible accessible to our clients".

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