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Destination Anguilla

Located just a speedboat ride or short airplane flight from the brasher St Maarten, where gleaming white mega-yachts bask in the sun, this is a quiet, sophisticated island where A-listers hide in plain sight.

Welcome to Anguilla.  A warm and welcoming island destination tucked away in the northern Caribbean.  Embraced by 32 unrivaled white beaches and breathtaking turquoise seas, Anguilla is casual and easy, a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance, and the best of the good life set to a slow and casual island tempo.  Anguilla is an experience that captivates our visitors and creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Whatever your travel needs... "Anguilla is the answer"


Capital: The Valley

Dialing code: +1 264

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (US Dollar accepted island-wide)

Population: 15,000 (2016)

Official language: English

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